Impossible Robotics


Impossible Robotics is a non-profit organization located in the north of the Netherlands that's composed of high school and college students. By participating in the First Robotics Competition , First Global Challence and First Tech Challenge . our team aims to inspire and enthuse everyone from kids to teenagers and adults about technology. We also try to forge a link between schools and employers.

Our team

FIRST is an American organisation that took upon itself the task to promote technology worldwide. To achieve this goal, FIRST, among other things, organises multiple competitions, including the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Our journey began with the First LEGO League , after which we built our way up through FTC and eventually FRC. With a team growing bigger and better each season, we take on the challenge to encourage the multidisciplinary commitment to skills and technology.

Impossible Robotics was founded in august 2014, the year after we participated in FLL. Team Rembrandts taught us the essentials for having a FRC team. Now we are trying to progress our team each year and teach our students the essentials of solving problems together and building robots, including engineering, programming, time management, presentation skills, teamwork and leadership.

Besides our work as an FRC team, we also attend lots of outreach events, where we are trying to reach our goal of enthusing kids for technology. Besides all the above Impossible Robotics is a fun, inclusive and intimate team. But the most important thing we want to effectuate is to create an environment where the students can discover and expend their talents and interests, whether it is technology related or social skills. We want to welcome all creativity and challenge the impossible together.