Impossible Robotics


We're extremely thankful to our sponsors and we could not have reached our goals without them! Our sponsors help us from financial support all the way to cutting parts for the robot, from letting us use their 3D printers to allowing us to build in their workshop and much more!

Our Main Sponsor

Victron Energy

Our Other Sponsors

What we have to offer for sponsors

Impossible Robotics is a non-profit organization and is financially dependant on its sponsors. Thanks to them we have been able to make good progress in developing our team. For the future we are planning to continue to develop our team, so we can give more young adults the opportunity to learn about technology in a fun and engaging way. To continue doing this we are still looking for sponsors.

The big boss driving a robot

We appreciate our sponsors very much, so to thank them we offer all of our sponsors a few things. We put the logos of all of our sponsors on our shirts, banners and the robots. All of which we take with us to every event we go to. Additionally, the logo's are visible on our website and we offer our sponsors the opportunity to put a short piece of text on our website about why they are sponsoring us.

Our sponsors also receive our regular newsletters and if wanted we can come to give a presentation about our team. Of course, any additional requests can be discussed.

More information can be found in the short version of our in dutch. In the future, we plan on publishing a translated version as well as a business plan , at the moment this is only available full version of our business plan.

If you are interested in sponsoring us or want more information, feel free to contact us !